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Mera launched it's Haitian humanitarian operations in September 2016. Since then we have delivered over 100,000 servings of protein beverage to the undernourished. The reception our product has received has been incredible.

Due to the recent impact of hurricane Matthew, we are currently scaling up operations and, working with a number of relief agencies, starting delivery to the worst hit areas of Haiti.

Praise for Mera Food Groups work in Haiti:

“A few short days after the hurricane we facilitated Mera’s border crossing with more than four tonnes of food, before many international aid agencies had arrived. I personally traveled to the affected areas to participate in Mera's delivery of this much-needed aid.”

- Max Antoine II, Executive Secretary of the Border, Port au Prince, Haiti

“Mera is an amazing company with heart and compassion! You and your team are superb. It takes perseverance to work in Haiti.”

- Canadian Ambassador to Haiti Paula Caldwell St-Onge

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Below are a few snapshots of the Haitian project.