Corn Soy Blend (CSB)

Mera’s innovative technology uses whole soy beans and corn kernels to produce a fully cooked CSB product with the consistency of porridge.  

csb nutrition.JPG

Corn Soy Blend is high in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, mineral and vitamin content and is naturally lactose and cholesterol free.  Mera produces the desired blend that actually exceeds the UN specification requirements.  

In Haiti, Mera  produces CSB comprised of 20% soybeans and 80% corn. It requires no further heating or mixing with water.

Mera’s technology is capable of adding micro-nutrients to precise specifications if required. Flavors and sweeteners can also be added depending on consumer preference.

The hydro dynamic cavitation process generates intense internal heat that not only kills bacteria, making the product safe to consume, but denatures Trypsin inhibitor enzymes which increases protein absorption to over 92%.



SoyShake™ is Mera’s protein-rich, full-fibre, lactose-free soy beverage.  


A series of dispensing options are available, however we are committed to having minimal negative impact on the environment and have designed a waste-less dispensing solution.

The beverage is produced using Mera’s SP Series processing units.  These units use a patented, state-of-the-art process that controls the temperatures and pressures to reduce the Trypsin Inhibitors by 90% leaving little or no difficulty in human digestion, while improving taste by removing the “beany” flavour and smell.  The process utilizes the entire soy bean to provide a full fibre product with increasedprotein and micronutrient content.  

The protein beverage can be sweetened and flavoured, with chocolate or vanilla for example, to meet the specific preferences of the consumers.  Additional micronutrients can be incorporated to address any specific dietary requirements.

As approximately 80 % of the Haitians are undernourished and a large percentage are assessed to be lactose intolerent, lactose free SoyShake™ provides a cost effective option to increase protein content in their diet.