Mera Technology: Customized innovative solutions for soy milk production


Fully Automated, Energy efficient, Reliable, Wasteless

The MERA SP1000 is Mera’s state-of-the-art, fully automated beverage processing unit. It uses Mera’s patented hydro-dynamic cavitation technology to breakdown the seed protein into a full fibre beverage. The SP1000 is designed to produce 1,000 litres of soy beverage per hour.

The SP1000 is built using cutting-edge technology and adheres to the highest quality Canadian sanitary standards. The fully automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) System allows the SP1000 to be rapidly cleaned using minimal cleaning chemicals and water.

The control system provides online diagnostics which increase the reliability of the entire system.

The modular design of SP1000 has a reduced footprint and therefore the facility can be efficiently deployed for operation or easily installed in to an existing processing system at any desired location.           

Our patented process provides a precise particle distribution (<100µm) producing a homogenous product every time. The SP1000 is wasteless (no okara byproduct) and utilizes 100% of the soybean (conventional process: 60% – 70%) yielding a delicious, consistent, protein-rich beverage.

Our energy efficient internal heating process saves one third energy in comparison to conventional processes. Skilled labour costs are dramatically lowered due to the fully automated system and integrated processing stages. 

The SP1500

Continuously innovating, Mera has designed the new generation of processing facilities. Below is the newly designed SP1500. The latest model in the range capable of producing 1500 litres of soy milk per hour.


This processing facility can be deployed with numerous additions to be able to be operational in any given scenario. The rendered model below demonstrates the entire system Mera can deploy if such a requirement was needed.

The complete processing modular system

The Process

The patented method processes soybeans to soy milk in an hour.