Since 1987, the  Mera Group of Companies’ have leveraged technology and driven innovative solutions. Our food and agriculture division has focused on utilizing technological innovation to deliver protein for human consumption.  

Mera has a team of engineers and technical specialists with diverse expertise. Mera leverages this expertise to produce and deploy mobile food processing units for the conversion of grain protein to desirable, consumable food products.

Mera is a highly diverse organization with respect to cultures and languages, actively recruiting personnel from around the world.  Mera recognizes the importance of giving back to the communities where its personnel live and work. Mera’s team dedicates time, talent, resources, and leadership to community events and initiatives.

Mera has extensive experience in international operations and has implemented soybean, corn and pulse production projects on small and large scales.

Our Mission

To consistently innovate and develop our technology to provide the most nutritious cost effective soy milk beverage in existence today.

Mera Food has two objectives:

  1. Mera’s Protein for Life™ is a business initiative designed to support humanitarian initiatives by providing rapid and cost efficient solutions to alleviate protein deficiency and deliver essential vitamins, fibre and minerals to undernourished people. Mera has an extensive experience in agricultural production projects in developing countries. In these countries, land and labour resources are plentiful, but there is a lack of technology, know-how and financial means for agricultural development and food security.

  2. Mera's commercial market focuses on selling both our product and technology to successfully compete in the alternative to dairy market.

“It is a rare privilege to be part of an organization that is purpose driven and striving to develop business with a technology and product that is quite literally saving lives”
— Business Development Lead at Mera

What We Provide

A tailored package of components to suit our clients requirements

  • A complete processing system
  • Power generating capability
  • Water purification system
  • Pasteurization facility
  • Packaging facility
  • A complete management suite of administrative and technical know how
              Mera's containerized modular facility

             Mera's containerized modular facility